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Hula Valley and the Sources of Jordan River

Name:Water Resource Management at Jordan River Sources and Hula Valley


The aim of this project was to perform an integrative analysis of water supply and utilization in the existing and planned operating systems in the Hula Valley, with an emphasis on the need to allocate water for natural needs.


To this end, the chosen model included integrated management of the water system, operating on the principle of water balances.

The model was built using the WEAP (Water Evaluation and Planning) computer program. The project analyzed alternative interfaces that would enable enrichment of the natural water flow throughout the Hula Valley, taking water supply constraints and demands from various consumers into consideration.


For the purpose of this project, DHV MED built a Decision Supporting System (DSS) for the water system's policy makers, and implemented a detailed model presenting the Hula Valley water system through the integration of water suppliers and consumers, while closing the water balance.

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