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Kziv River

Name:Ecological and Environmental Consulting for Israeli Stream – Kziv Stream Basin
Location:Kziv Stream Basin

The purpose of this project was to perform an environmental sensitivity analysis in the Kziv Stream Basin area, which will play a central role in the master plan for the stream's catchment basin.


The sensitivity survey was performed using a geographic information analysis (GIS) based model and included quantification and mapping of parameters impacting the stream's sensitivity. The model was built hierarchically, with relative sensitivity values being defined for each type of pollution source, in accordance with its potential for polluting the catchment basin.


The survey gives an up-to-date and integrative picture of the threats, hazards and pollutants in the Kziv Stream basin, for the preparation of a long-term plan with priorities for addressing hazards, removing pollutants and minimizing threats to the environment, water sources and the ecosystem in Kziv Stream and its basin.


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