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Haifa Chemical

Name:Water Treatment and Desalination at Haifa Chemicals


Haifa Chemicals Ltd produces agricultural fertilizers and industrial chemicals.

At this factory, located in Haifa Bay, DHV MED designed an advanced multi-barrier treatment system to produce distilled and purified water required for high pressure steam boilers.

The system includes:

  • 1. Pre-treatment (physical separation and chemical dosage) to prevent contamination and damage to membranes and to remove suspended solids. This treatment includes sterilization and chemically enhanced sand filtration.
  • 2. The next stage is adsorption on active charcoal to remove organic substances, mainly free chlorine.
  • 3. A softening system to reduce water hardness and protect the membranes.
  • 4. Filtration via reverse osmosis membranes after micron filtration and pH adjustment.
  • 5. A polishing system, including ion exchangers and degasifier.


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