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Water and Wastewater


The pollution of Israel's drinking water reserves and the signing of regional treaties have led to increased demands from industry and local authorities and a change in the country's environmental policy. Similar processes worldwide have pioneered exciting new water and wastewater treatment technologies.

The wastewater treatment process is based on chemical, biological, or physical processes and demands technological engineering know-how. Due to the extremely wide variety of wastewater types and sources, each wastewater treatment facility is designed differently, in line with the most suitable technology and relevant environmental constraints.


DHV MED possesses extensive experience in planning water and wastewater treatment facilities for industrial plants and municipal authorities in Israel and abroad. The company specializes in cutting edge water and wastewater treatment technologies and implements complex engineering solutions from contract award to commissioning, the company's highly experienced process, civil and mechanical engineers transfer their skills to ensure a successful project that delivers as designed.

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