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Air Quality


The sources of air pollution in Israel are many and varied, including transportation, industrial activities, other human activities and natural sources.

The air pollution emitted from these sources disperses throughout the environment and is affected by local and regional conditions, such as meteorology, topography, and character of the emissions.

DHV MED performs evaluations and calculations of air emission levels for its clients, based on measurement data, and calculations. The company's existing knowledge base enables it to perform evaluations of the effect of air pollution on the environment and simulations of transport and diffusion of the pollution, using complex models.

DHV MED has unique know-how in estimating non-localized emissions from various sources, including tanks, sewage, and equipment leaks, as well as the ability to calculate and estimate emissions from transportation.

DHV MED designs treatment facilities for reducing air pollution and preventing the creation of environmental hazards. The design includes conducting a feasibility study, choosing the technology, general design, detailed design and supervision of implementation.

An air quality project includes pollution level estimation, environmental impact calculation and assessment, planning measures for minimizing its impact on the environment and assessment of the situation after implementation of improvement measures
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