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Solid Waste and Polluted Soil


Solid waste is produced wherever human activity takes place, and is characterized by multiple streams from various sources (domestic, industrial, construction, hazardous materials etc) and diverse components. The life cycle of the waste requires integrated and peripheral treatment in accordance with the cycle phases described below.

DHV MED specializes in solid waste and polluted soil, offering state-of-the-art solutions and optimization:

  • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) master planning
  • Waste production-reducing waste production at the source, raw materials, planned use of materials etc.
  • Separation, reuse and recycling at source­planning recycling in the community, master planning for recycling, planning treatment of specific waste flows (such as construction and agriculture)
  • Waste collection and transportation - transfer stations, economic optimization, prevention of nuisances
  • Waste removal - consulting on the operation and construction of landfill sites, thermal waste treatment, utilization of energy from waste, dedicated removal facilities for agricultural waste, technical-economical optimization
  • Reclamation of materials from waste

The field of polluted soil treatment is developing rapidly in Israel due to high land consumption and dwindling land availability in settled regions. Over the years, soil has been polluted by industrial activities, gas stations, storage of various materials, agriculture and the like, which did not prevent seepage of pollutants into the soil. The effect of pollution on the land persists for years, depending on the substances involved. While some decompose easily, others remain and must be treated in order to render the land useable for another purpose (such as commercial construction or housing). In many cases, the pollutant seeps from the surface into the groundwater, creating a water quality problem that persists for many years after the original source of the problem has been removed from the site.

DHV MED consulting services address issues of polluted soil and groundwater, at all stages of the process:

  • characterization of existing problems by means of a professional survey of the pollution sources and potential,
  • analysis of the extent of existing pollution,
  • technological options for site treatment and rehabilitation,
  • management of polluted groundwater, and
  • design of various engineering solutions.

DHV can deploy extensive international experience and a world class team of experts to treat any form of polluted soil and groundwater.

Soil and Groundwater
DHV MED is experienced in projects for identification, quantification, and treatment of groundwater pollution.
Solid Waste
DHV MED addresses the engineering aspects of treatment of municipal, agricultural, construction and industrial waste
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