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Water and Wastewater
DHV MED handles the engineering aspects of wastewater, water quality & treatment and water resource management.
Air Quality
Poor air quality is a major environmental concern in many countries, airborne particulates and other pollutants pose a significant risk to public health, and society now has higher demands in terms of the quality of the human environment. The complexity of the problem calls for firm action and broader perspectives. DHV MED possesses unique know-how in analyzing air emissions from various sources. This expertise includes the use of expert models for calculating and estimating emissions; the use
Industry and Energy
DHV MED's extensive skills and resource base provides world class engineering and environmental solutions for the industry market, including air emissions, wastewater, energy, hazardous materials, waste, soil and groundwater pollution
Solid Waste and Polluted Soil
Solid waste is produced wherever human activity takes place, and is characterized by multiple streams from various sources (domestic, industrial, construction, hazardous materials etc) and diverse components. The life cycle of the waste requires integrated and peripheral treatment in accordance with the cycle phases described below
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